Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The art of... getting ready

Lets face it right, every girl atleast once in her life gets moaned at by her bloke that she gets moaned at for taking too long to get ready.. ''have you drowned in there? i havent had my shower yet there will be no hot water left'' ''oh my god how many times can you change your shoes they all look nice with that dress.. surely nobody will be looking at your feet'' '' cant you do your make up in the cab there or something''

My swift reply is usually very sharp and short due to the annoyance of these pathetic nagging sessions i get everytime we go out. I usually throw him a look that is meant to make him regret even bringing this topic up.. (however he usually just rolls his eyes and settles down for a long lecture)

'' Just because you feel comfortable throwing on yesterdays jeans and a crumpled top that has been on the floor of a few weeks. Just because your hair is too short to require any major attention and you can blob some hair gel in your hair whilst also ringing the cab doesnt mean everyone is like you..'' '' Congratulations you have enough self confidence to walk out the house looking like that doesnt mean i want to be a state, infact every girl knows that getting ready is part of the fun of going out and it also helps set the mood to go out and be social, we dont feel comfortable going out having done a slap dash jobs of getting ready''

In fact i recall you moaning most sundays and various other days when we are not going out, that i look a mess (yeah he is charming bless him) thati made no effort this particular day to look nice... for him.. pfft. In my opinion its okay to have alteast one day a week and sometimes a week in the month you know where chocolate becomes your best friend and you would much rather curl up with a hot cuppa than go out. Gee wizz its a sunday lighten up.. Im not going anywhere so why make an effort ay?!

If you put your moaning into context you would see that you contradict yourself enormously my love.

Firstly would you like me to go out with you on a friday night looking my sunday worst? Or perhaps you wouldnt mind me meeting your parents dressed in my PJs i mean i realise its a big occasion meeting your folks but gee you really thinkg its THAT special occasion to go in my PJs..

Somehow dont think your father would be all that impressed with my striped PJs.. Just a hunch

Secondly, if i had met you back in the day for the first time and i hadnt spent almost 3 hours getting ready making myself look the best i can and also having the confidence in the way i look to be social and couragous in the outside world.. Many will know that yeah when we get dressed a millions times looking for that perfect outfit.. You happen to mention, ''why buy the clothes if your not comfortable wearing them'' In answer to this men of the world.. Just because like the clothes there are somedday when your thighs grow larger than tree trunks and you want to cover them and your boob look okay today so you can show them off abit you know... Different moods require different clothes.. Duh?! But yeah if we had met and i wasnt ready for the world.. Think we would be in this situation?! Eh no...

'Not that.. Or that.. Makes me look pregnant.. Makes me look flat chested'

So is there still an issue?

.... Oh really girls he is still finding this a problem?? Check out my blog tommorrow and ill give you the low down on how to look fabulous in a slightly quicker time than it may usually take you


Sunday, 22 August 2010

Nevermind your carbon footprint... Can you keep your greasy fingerprints away from my screen please? Thanks?

What really gets on your nerves? Is there something your partner, best friend, parents, siblings or even your cat does that really really winds you up?! For example my Mum bless her is not all that informed shall we say when it comes to technology.. I mean not all types of technology after 5 years she has learnt to text and can probably call the ambulance if something happened.. But she has this habit of when im typing on my laptop she stands behind me and point to all my grammer and spelling mistakes.. And if thats not annoying enough she leaves her greasy fingerprints all over my screen. I end up doing that strange geeky dance of swaying side by side trying to work out why the screen is blurry in areas. Then there is the actual cleaning of the screen gosh what to use?!?! I have no idea..

Anyway we went round to some friends of the family this week.. And this is as insight into the things that kept us gassing for ages..

One of the girls, who bless her heart hasn't got that much common sense... You know the person im talking about.. Has a heart of gold but tends to lack on the reality of the world. Was talking about have her eyebrows 'threaded' and how she wonders what possessed her to do it not once but twice! She happened to mention to us that she believed it would be different the second time round. Now if you are familiar with this method of hair removal you too will be wondering no doubt how she got to this conclusion.. Im still a bit puzzled but then she added to her story how when she was younger she watched disneys Dumbo and then rewound the tape (gosh how old are they) and replayed the entire film hoping the ending would somehow change.

For those amongst us that are not familiar with this method of hair removal it quite literally is plucking in a sence with thread.. You know the stuff that holds your buttons onto your shirt.. The 'threader' is very talented to do this but gee does it hurt!

Anyway we went round in the circle and the topic began to change from embarressing moments to things people do that really get to you..

Now one of the elderly ladies piped up and began explaining that when 'the youths of todays generation' walk down the street with their ''walkmans'' and ''cellular phones'' expecting the rest of the world to move around them because they are not paying attention. Well i happen to be one of those 'youths' and i had to explain to the lady that i do not expect her to move out of my way that just because she happens to walk particularily slow infront of me i tend to try and overtake in the pedestrian format. This happened to annoy her even more and she began ranting that many 'youths' push past without saying thank you.
' What happened to the days where the youths were respectful and looked up to their elders?' All i could say was that times have moved on and that although many of the experienced generation moan about todays technology and how it was never this easy for them as kids... They forget that its made their lives easier as well.. For example those motorised chair-things.. You know the buggies that every saturday come out and invade shopping centres..

The mention of this particular subject made my Dad jump up and rant away.. 'Why is it..' he began, 'that on a Saturday at the local shopping centres, markets and other events which are on all week.. Do O-A-Ps decide they need to come out and basically get in the way.. They have all week Monday to Friday where they wont have to queue, they wont get tutted at so much when they hold up the checkouts and information desks when they hammer on about their great grandkids and ask questions just because they are lonely. Yeah i understand that they may not get out much but really why a Saturday? Surely its easier for them to go out during the week where there are more spaces for them to park on the wonk and they can get on the bus with there free pass and take up two seats and the isle with there shopping trolley..'

So come on what gets on your nerves...

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

... Just one of those days

I woke up this morning and i felt i didnt have anything to get up for... No plans really.. Unless you count doing some washing and cleaning the bathroom something you plan and want to wake up and throw your legs out the bed for? Having grabbed my phone from its nightly position i had recieved several texts during my slumber, one was from a friend who moved away several months ago to begin a new life. In her text she mentioned she has been promoted (yay congratulations darling) and that everything seems to be going well.. Her and her boyfriend are still going well and the living together is going well. In another text one of my relatively new friends is heavily pregnant and have about 2 weeks till her due date... she is fretting she isnt ready for this next step and that in the same instant she is so excited about meeting her precious darling..

Just for a moment or so i felt that oh so slightly alone feeling where everyone around you is waking up to plans preparations and a meaningful day.. well where am i going? what is it i want?! Okay so college and university for me will take me into a path of forensics where i hope to earn money in a job i love. but have i picked this career path because the pressure of going through this education system forces you to keep specifying your future until you have chosen a tiny little proportion of the world to focas on... i mean what if that same morning i chose to be a forensic analyst or whatever this course takes me to, i decided i wanted to be a journalist or i wanted to be a cook, a police woman, a homeless bum? What on that very morning made me decide to want to be involved in the forensics profession? was it the episode of CSI i watched the night before? Jeez what is i had of been watching something less parent satisfying?

After that feeling lifted i began to see that i had plenty to get up for, dirty socks and t-shirts aside.. i have friends and family that i havent spoken to in days, weeks, months.. i realised that whilst i was worrying about not having any plans in MY day.. maybe i should see who else was having a bad start to the day in which i could help as i had several hours of nothingness planned... so here i am sitting taking a break from helping my best friend packing up her room so she is ready to leave for uni...

Right now a hot cup of tea and my half finish dan brown novel is looking oh so much easier than clearing up 18 years of life having been packed into one room... haha chin up folks.. if nothing else each day brings your closer to your dreams and further from your nightmares xxx

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Wonder how many days in our lives we sit and watch it rain...

I mean we already spend half our lives sleeping… Well a normal person does… then a sixth of our lives is spent in the bathroom cleaning etc… Haha. Ah but what about the rest of it, when it rains we never actually go outside as much as if it was sunny… You never really can be bothered to go outside and get wet and in addition to that who wants wet feet? Yuck!

Whereas if it is sunny you want to be outside lapping up the rays right? So how much time do we actually waste just staring out of the window wishing we were somewhere else doing something else and wishing we were another person? I seem to find myself in that situation all the time to be honest… i wish i was on holiday or i wish i was somebody else who was successful and had a whole future ahead that would work out. You know the whole fate thing were your path is already decided and therefore you don’t really have a choice, everything is already decided and in effect you have no major part in your own life… i guess that freaks me out just a much as having to make every decision and therefore facing every consequence… MANN why isn’t life easy, why cant you simply literally take it day by day.. where nothing you do really mattered you have the chance to always make it right again and nobody is out of your reach? why does it always seem to depend and come down to one conversation one argument one day… One one one… it never comes down to you and me, its always me having to make the bigger decision and make the final choice. i hate it, i hate that you are never willing to make the decision… you haven’t got the balls to face it! Mister T would by disappointed…

The day life becomes easy and i find the point to life… then ill be the one to stop being scared that every decision i make will ruin the rest of my life… i want to be able to make a decision that has no chance of bringing the rest of my life down around me. sure i want to be happy and i want to enjoy life and i do most of the time… but at the moment i am too busy being careful not to upset or lose anyone… i don’t want to hurt you i don’t want to hurt anyone… i just want everyone to be happy i wish i could wake up in the morning and be surrounded by friends and family that were happy and content with their own lives… it will never happen because the world is never fair and we are British and therefore nobody goes a day without complaining about something even if it is only the weather… but everyday is a day in which people can hold their heads up high and they should be happy to be alive… if you are alive enough to complain you are alive enough to appreciate life… rant over x

Monday, 16 August 2010

Ah thinking back to the past… Who could tell it would be such a shock to realise that they held such happy memories and that lets be honest we actually do use the past to determine our present judgements. Who would have guessed that the advice we got from parents and teachers and even each other actually helped in some situations we have faced since then? Who would have known that the really annoying kid in the back of your class throwing those paper planes and getting you lunch time detention was the only one guy you respect and trust today? Do you think that if someone had come to us when we were 13 and told us how it would be now we would roll around the floor crying with laughter? Or would we be banging our heads against the tables for being so stupid in some of the decisions we took and could then change? Risk and Change are to be honest my two big hang ups... I mean risk is usually take it or leave it, leave it usually resolves in life remaining pretty similar to how it is now… take it and everything effectively changes in one way of another… But what if it doesn’t work? Or if it just leads to more decisions and mess-ups... More hurt, tears and bitch fights? Ah but then what if it leaves to smiles, laughter and happiness… Do you risk taking a chance or do you chance taking a risk? In my world its all too daunting and confusing to be honest… but staying where I am just seems to lead to arguments and then I get left behind… Life gives you all of these lessons but can it really help you when you don’t know the objectives? Experiences comes from already living the mistakes and cleaning up the mess you make in day to day life, and the knowledge develops when you stop other people falling down the holes that deceived you… The most important lesson in life is that everyday is a new day you cant live in the passed because you will miss the chance of a future x