Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Wonder how many days in our lives we sit and watch it rain...

I mean we already spend half our lives sleeping… Well a normal person does… then a sixth of our lives is spent in the bathroom cleaning etc… Haha. Ah but what about the rest of it, when it rains we never actually go outside as much as if it was sunny… You never really can be bothered to go outside and get wet and in addition to that who wants wet feet? Yuck!

Whereas if it is sunny you want to be outside lapping up the rays right? So how much time do we actually waste just staring out of the window wishing we were somewhere else doing something else and wishing we were another person? I seem to find myself in that situation all the time to be honest… i wish i was on holiday or i wish i was somebody else who was successful and had a whole future ahead that would work out. You know the whole fate thing were your path is already decided and therefore you don’t really have a choice, everything is already decided and in effect you have no major part in your own life… i guess that freaks me out just a much as having to make every decision and therefore facing every consequence… MANN why isn’t life easy, why cant you simply literally take it day by day.. where nothing you do really mattered you have the chance to always make it right again and nobody is out of your reach? why does it always seem to depend and come down to one conversation one argument one day… One one one… it never comes down to you and me, its always me having to make the bigger decision and make the final choice. i hate it, i hate that you are never willing to make the decision… you haven’t got the balls to face it! Mister T would by disappointed…

The day life becomes easy and i find the point to life… then ill be the one to stop being scared that every decision i make will ruin the rest of my life… i want to be able to make a decision that has no chance of bringing the rest of my life down around me. sure i want to be happy and i want to enjoy life and i do most of the time… but at the moment i am too busy being careful not to upset or lose anyone… i don’t want to hurt you i don’t want to hurt anyone… i just want everyone to be happy i wish i could wake up in the morning and be surrounded by friends and family that were happy and content with their own lives… it will never happen because the world is never fair and we are British and therefore nobody goes a day without complaining about something even if it is only the weather… but everyday is a day in which people can hold their heads up high and they should be happy to be alive… if you are alive enough to complain you are alive enough to appreciate life… rant over x


  1. It is good to rant...I feel better when I do. Hope you did as well. I found over time that I had to spend less time with the people that were always bringing me down. You can't let go completely but if you can find like minds who bring out the best in you...then you are onto something.
    It takes time, not an easy solution...but keep it in focus.

    My two cents for what it is worth :)


  2. From one Virgo to another :)

  3. thanks jeanne.. it seems everyone has hang ups and their opinion.. but it seems some people dont know how to express it without hurting feelings. my 'friends' at the moment seem to be too busy fighting each other and being the one to win to care about the rest of the worlds feelings and reactions to their petty arguements.. of course it will pass but ahh it just gets too much sometimes doesnt it... thank you for your experience :) makes me feel less 'alone' really :) virgo love xx haha