Wednesday, 18 August 2010

... Just one of those days

I woke up this morning and i felt i didnt have anything to get up for... No plans really.. Unless you count doing some washing and cleaning the bathroom something you plan and want to wake up and throw your legs out the bed for? Having grabbed my phone from its nightly position i had recieved several texts during my slumber, one was from a friend who moved away several months ago to begin a new life. In her text she mentioned she has been promoted (yay congratulations darling) and that everything seems to be going well.. Her and her boyfriend are still going well and the living together is going well. In another text one of my relatively new friends is heavily pregnant and have about 2 weeks till her due date... she is fretting she isnt ready for this next step and that in the same instant she is so excited about meeting her precious darling..

Just for a moment or so i felt that oh so slightly alone feeling where everyone around you is waking up to plans preparations and a meaningful day.. well where am i going? what is it i want?! Okay so college and university for me will take me into a path of forensics where i hope to earn money in a job i love. but have i picked this career path because the pressure of going through this education system forces you to keep specifying your future until you have chosen a tiny little proportion of the world to focas on... i mean what if that same morning i chose to be a forensic analyst or whatever this course takes me to, i decided i wanted to be a journalist or i wanted to be a cook, a police woman, a homeless bum? What on that very morning made me decide to want to be involved in the forensics profession? was it the episode of CSI i watched the night before? Jeez what is i had of been watching something less parent satisfying?

After that feeling lifted i began to see that i had plenty to get up for, dirty socks and t-shirts aside.. i have friends and family that i havent spoken to in days, weeks, months.. i realised that whilst i was worrying about not having any plans in MY day.. maybe i should see who else was having a bad start to the day in which i could help as i had several hours of nothingness planned... so here i am sitting taking a break from helping my best friend packing up her room so she is ready to leave for uni...

Right now a hot cup of tea and my half finish dan brown novel is looking oh so much easier than clearing up 18 years of life having been packed into one room... haha chin up folks.. if nothing else each day brings your closer to your dreams and further from your nightmares xxx

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