Monday, 16 August 2010

Ah thinking back to the past… Who could tell it would be such a shock to realise that they held such happy memories and that lets be honest we actually do use the past to determine our present judgements. Who would have guessed that the advice we got from parents and teachers and even each other actually helped in some situations we have faced since then? Who would have known that the really annoying kid in the back of your class throwing those paper planes and getting you lunch time detention was the only one guy you respect and trust today? Do you think that if someone had come to us when we were 13 and told us how it would be now we would roll around the floor crying with laughter? Or would we be banging our heads against the tables for being so stupid in some of the decisions we took and could then change? Risk and Change are to be honest my two big hang ups... I mean risk is usually take it or leave it, leave it usually resolves in life remaining pretty similar to how it is now… take it and everything effectively changes in one way of another… But what if it doesn’t work? Or if it just leads to more decisions and mess-ups... More hurt, tears and bitch fights? Ah but then what if it leaves to smiles, laughter and happiness… Do you risk taking a chance or do you chance taking a risk? In my world its all too daunting and confusing to be honest… but staying where I am just seems to lead to arguments and then I get left behind… Life gives you all of these lessons but can it really help you when you don’t know the objectives? Experiences comes from already living the mistakes and cleaning up the mess you make in day to day life, and the knowledge develops when you stop other people falling down the holes that deceived you… The most important lesson in life is that everyday is a new day you cant live in the passed because you will miss the chance of a future x

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  1. Be strong,and take calculated risks. All problems can be resolved. As the saying goes 'it's not the problems in life that count but the way we resolve them.