Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The art of... getting ready

Lets face it right, every girl atleast once in her life gets moaned at by her bloke that she gets moaned at for taking too long to get ready.. ''have you drowned in there? i havent had my shower yet there will be no hot water left'' ''oh my god how many times can you change your shoes they all look nice with that dress.. surely nobody will be looking at your feet'' '' cant you do your make up in the cab there or something''

My swift reply is usually very sharp and short due to the annoyance of these pathetic nagging sessions i get everytime we go out. I usually throw him a look that is meant to make him regret even bringing this topic up.. (however he usually just rolls his eyes and settles down for a long lecture)

'' Just because you feel comfortable throwing on yesterdays jeans and a crumpled top that has been on the floor of a few weeks. Just because your hair is too short to require any major attention and you can blob some hair gel in your hair whilst also ringing the cab doesnt mean everyone is like you..'' '' Congratulations you have enough self confidence to walk out the house looking like that doesnt mean i want to be a state, infact every girl knows that getting ready is part of the fun of going out and it also helps set the mood to go out and be social, we dont feel comfortable going out having done a slap dash jobs of getting ready''

In fact i recall you moaning most sundays and various other days when we are not going out, that i look a mess (yeah he is charming bless him) thati made no effort this particular day to look nice... for him.. pfft. In my opinion its okay to have alteast one day a week and sometimes a week in the month you know where chocolate becomes your best friend and you would much rather curl up with a hot cuppa than go out. Gee wizz its a sunday lighten up.. Im not going anywhere so why make an effort ay?!

If you put your moaning into context you would see that you contradict yourself enormously my love.

Firstly would you like me to go out with you on a friday night looking my sunday worst? Or perhaps you wouldnt mind me meeting your parents dressed in my PJs i mean i realise its a big occasion meeting your folks but gee you really thinkg its THAT special occasion to go in my PJs..

Somehow dont think your father would be all that impressed with my striped PJs.. Just a hunch

Secondly, if i had met you back in the day for the first time and i hadnt spent almost 3 hours getting ready making myself look the best i can and also having the confidence in the way i look to be social and couragous in the outside world.. Many will know that yeah when we get dressed a millions times looking for that perfect outfit.. You happen to mention, ''why buy the clothes if your not comfortable wearing them'' In answer to this men of the world.. Just because like the clothes there are somedday when your thighs grow larger than tree trunks and you want to cover them and your boob look okay today so you can show them off abit you know... Different moods require different clothes.. Duh?! But yeah if we had met and i wasnt ready for the world.. Think we would be in this situation?! Eh no...

'Not that.. Or that.. Makes me look pregnant.. Makes me look flat chested'

So is there still an issue?

.... Oh really girls he is still finding this a problem?? Check out my blog tommorrow and ill give you the low down on how to look fabulous in a slightly quicker time than it may usually take you


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  1. Amen, sista. Guys should just get used to it