Sunday, 22 August 2010

Nevermind your carbon footprint... Can you keep your greasy fingerprints away from my screen please? Thanks?

What really gets on your nerves? Is there something your partner, best friend, parents, siblings or even your cat does that really really winds you up?! For example my Mum bless her is not all that informed shall we say when it comes to technology.. I mean not all types of technology after 5 years she has learnt to text and can probably call the ambulance if something happened.. But she has this habit of when im typing on my laptop she stands behind me and point to all my grammer and spelling mistakes.. And if thats not annoying enough she leaves her greasy fingerprints all over my screen. I end up doing that strange geeky dance of swaying side by side trying to work out why the screen is blurry in areas. Then there is the actual cleaning of the screen gosh what to use?!?! I have no idea..

Anyway we went round to some friends of the family this week.. And this is as insight into the things that kept us gassing for ages..

One of the girls, who bless her heart hasn't got that much common sense... You know the person im talking about.. Has a heart of gold but tends to lack on the reality of the world. Was talking about have her eyebrows 'threaded' and how she wonders what possessed her to do it not once but twice! She happened to mention to us that she believed it would be different the second time round. Now if you are familiar with this method of hair removal you too will be wondering no doubt how she got to this conclusion.. Im still a bit puzzled but then she added to her story how when she was younger she watched disneys Dumbo and then rewound the tape (gosh how old are they) and replayed the entire film hoping the ending would somehow change.

For those amongst us that are not familiar with this method of hair removal it quite literally is plucking in a sence with thread.. You know the stuff that holds your buttons onto your shirt.. The 'threader' is very talented to do this but gee does it hurt!

Anyway we went round in the circle and the topic began to change from embarressing moments to things people do that really get to you..

Now one of the elderly ladies piped up and began explaining that when 'the youths of todays generation' walk down the street with their ''walkmans'' and ''cellular phones'' expecting the rest of the world to move around them because they are not paying attention. Well i happen to be one of those 'youths' and i had to explain to the lady that i do not expect her to move out of my way that just because she happens to walk particularily slow infront of me i tend to try and overtake in the pedestrian format. This happened to annoy her even more and she began ranting that many 'youths' push past without saying thank you.
' What happened to the days where the youths were respectful and looked up to their elders?' All i could say was that times have moved on and that although many of the experienced generation moan about todays technology and how it was never this easy for them as kids... They forget that its made their lives easier as well.. For example those motorised chair-things.. You know the buggies that every saturday come out and invade shopping centres..

The mention of this particular subject made my Dad jump up and rant away.. 'Why is it..' he began, 'that on a Saturday at the local shopping centres, markets and other events which are on all week.. Do O-A-Ps decide they need to come out and basically get in the way.. They have all week Monday to Friday where they wont have to queue, they wont get tutted at so much when they hold up the checkouts and information desks when they hammer on about their great grandkids and ask questions just because they are lonely. Yeah i understand that they may not get out much but really why a Saturday? Surely its easier for them to go out during the week where there are more spaces for them to park on the wonk and they can get on the bus with there free pass and take up two seats and the isle with there shopping trolley..'

So come on what gets on your nerves...


  1. Thanks for the hair-removing tip (with a thread?) I neeed to look into that :)

  2. It seriously hurts.. But it does last a longer period of time because it pulls the root out... Only for the brave.. Haha xx